Summary:  Solveig, her little brother, and her beautiful older sister are forced to live in a hidden fortress with a band of warriors while their father, the king, is away at war.  As winter drags on and supplies dwindle, it becomes clear that there is a traitor among them.  Solveig is determined to discover the truth before the treachery is the demise of them all.

Thoughts:  Icefall is an engrossing tale told by Solveig, a smart, interesting character.  She has always felt inferior in her family (her sister is the object of everyone’s affection and her little brother is the heir to the throne), but through the course of the novel she discovers a talent for storytelling and a new confidence.  I really enjoyed her development from insecure middle child to strong, capable young lady.  The story is an atmospheric Nordic tale complete with action, intrigue, and mystery …. a great choice for a hot summer day!

Read Icefall if you:

  • like Norse mythology and ancient tales of vikings and berserker warriors
  • have ever felt insignificant or unable to stand out in a crowd (even your own family)
  • enjoyed Sea of Trolls (Nancy Farmer), the Ranger’s Apprentice series (John Flanagan), or Heroes of the Valley (Jonathan Stroud)
  • believe in the power of a good story