Summary:  The Officials know best.  Cassia is thrilled with the Match they’ve selected for her – her best friend Xander.  But, then, for a split second, another Match flashes on the screen, the mysterious Ky.  Which one is truly Cassia’s perfect Match?  And, how could this happen when the Officials never make mistakes?

Thoughts:  I was captivated by this novel from the start (from the cover actually!).  Author Ally Condie skillfully explores the idea of a “perfect” society in this compelling novel.  Main character Cassia is the perfect daughter and citizen in this ideal world; but her confidence in the all-knowing government is shaken when she is presented with two matches and an intriguing gift from her grandfather.  I found the characters very believeable and the storyline fascinating.  The book reminds me of Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver and is sure to be a hit with teen readers.