Summary:  For as long as she can remember, Evie has lived and worked at the International Paranormal Containment Agency.  Her unique talent of seeing beneath a paranormal’s “glamour” to what lurks below makes her a valuable asset to the agency.  Then Lend, a handsome shape-shifter, is captured at the IPCA while trying to find information about the mysterious murders taking place around the world.  Evie is immediately drawn to Lend, a paranormal who leads a normal, teen life, the kind of life Evie has always wanted.  Together they set out to solve the mystery of the killings and encounter a lot of unexpected surprises along the way.

ThoughtsParanormalcy is a clever novel that stands out in the myriad of paranormal romances being published today.  The tone is light and sassy, the pace quick and engaging.  The star of the show, main character Evie, is a spunky, fun heroine with a big heart.  I found her longing for a normal life (with things like a locker, a driver’s license and the prom!) very endearing.  It creates an interesting contrast to the high-tech, fantasy world where she lives.  Paranormalcy is a creative blend of adventure, mystery, supernatural, and romance.  A must-read for paranormal fans as well as realistic fiction readers who like a touch of magic in their romances.  It’s the first in a trilogy with the sequel Supernaturally coming out later this summer; both installments are the perfect addition to your beach bag!