Summary: Benny is 15; that means it’s time to get a job if he wants to receive food rations.  His older brother works as a bounty hunter in the zombie-filled Rot & Ruin.  Benny thinks Tom is a coward and doesn’t want to follow in his footsteps.  But when he exhausts all other options, Benny is forced to join in the “family business.”

Thoughts:  I am not a fan of the zombie “genre”, so I was quite suprised at how much I enjoyed Rot & Ruin.  It is complex novel with interesting characters and intense action.  My favorite part was the relationship between brothers Benny & Tom and the way this developed realistically through the story.  I also really liked the depth found in the cast of characters (even the zombies!) and the strength of the girls in the novel.  Now, thanks to Jonathan Maberry’s original, entertaining Rot & Ruin, I can no longer say I don’t like zombie books!