Summary:  It’s the Roaring Twenties; the time of flappers, bobbed hair, speakeasies, jazz music, and dancing the Charleston until dawn.  Gloria, her goody-two-shoes cousin Clara, and her scheming best friend Lorraine are swept away by the glitz and glamour of the times and nothing is ever going to be the same.

Thoughts:  Gossip Girl meets the 1920s!  What could be more fun!  I loved this juicy, fast-paced novel by new author Jillian Larkin.  Miss Larkin skillfully recreates the excitement and intrigue of the flapper lifestyle; I was completely pulled in and ready to donn my dress & learn the Charleston!  The characters and storylines in Vixen are realistic, compelling, and full of surprises.  I can hardly wait for the sequel, Ingenue!  Fans of novels full of romance and drama, such as The Luxe:  this new series is for you.