Summary: Cadence Sinclair Eastman is the oldest grandchild of the flawless Sinclair family.  Her summers are spent on a private island with her cousins … her best friends …and the boy she loves. Together they are The Liars. Then, friendships turn destructive, lies are told, secrets are buried. Cady desperately seeks to discover the painful truth behind the accident and the family’s false facade.

ThoughtsWe Were Liars is a truly remarkable novel.  It is like none I have ever read.  From the first page, the reader is swept into the “perfect” world of the Sinclairs and absorbed by the secrets this privileged family hides.

Lockhart masterfully crafts vivid characters – Johnny, he is bounce, effort, and snark… Mirren, she is sugar, curiosity, and rain... – and tells a haunting tale that stuns at every turn.  It is tense, atmospheric, exquisite.

I highly recommend this book to teen and adult readers looking for a captivating, unforgettable story.  And if anyone asks how it ends, LIE!

Read We Were Liars, if you …

  • are a fan of E.Lockhart
  • enjoy sophisticated, intelligent writing
  • like suspense, plot twists, and surprises
  • are intrigued with the lives of those who “summer” on islands 😉
  • want to read the book that everyone will be talking about!