Summary: “The Day Our Life Fell Apart” is the day Caitlin’s brother Devin was killed.  Caitlin and her father are trying to “Deal With It,” but moving on with life is not easy.  Caitlin has Asperger’s syndrome and dealing with her emotions does not come naturally for her.  How will Caitlin be able to deal with this loss when she not only misses Devin but also needs his help in figuring out the world?

Thoughts: I am a fan of books told from the point-of-view of a character with autisim or Asperger’s.  When done well, these narrations allow readers an authentic view of life from a different perspective and a chance to develop empathy for others.  And, Mockingbird is definitely one that does this well.  Caitlin is a credible, endearing narrator.  She makes you laugh-out-loud on one page and breaks your heart on the next.  Her father is also a realistic character as he is struggling with his own grief as well as trying to help Caitlin deal with the situation in her own way.  A huge fan of To Kill a Mockingbird, I thoroughly enjoyed the allusions to the classic novel and the way these references enriched Caitlin’s story.