Summary: Gwen’s perfect cousin Charlotte has been preparing her whole life for time travel; so the family is shocked when it’s Gwen, not Charlotte, who inherits the time travel gene.  With no warning or training, Gwen is launched into the mysterious past with only the accompaniment of the arrogant, annoying, but breathtakingly handsome Gideon.

Thoughts:  I was completely captivated by this fantasy, mainly because of the main character Gwen.  She is a “normal” kid with a hilarious sense of humor used to taking a back seat to her perfect cousin Charlotte.  Her observations and reactions to her changing circumstances are believable and amusing.  The quirky family, their strange house, the fast-paced adventure, the intriguing mystery… all are well-imagined and absorbing.  The book (soon to be a trilogy) was written by a German author and, after its huge popularity in Germany, was translated into English this year.  I am delighted that it was and can’t wait for book two, Sapphire Blue!